Software Solutions of Texas

"SWDPRO was designed to save the Saltwater Disposal Operator a ton of time and money!"

For over 23 years Software Solutions of Texas has been making life a lot easier on Disposal Operators, both in Texas, Ohio, Colorado and other states.
" It used to take two weeks to do our P18s.
Now it only takes three days for our multiple systems!"
"The Source for SWD Software Since 1991"
Railroad Commission of Texas Approved

Cut the time it takes to do your Texas RRC P18 Report
                 By as much as 70% !

   (Depending upon the number of tickets
    that you are currently entering by hand)
"This program is actually 'fun' to enter tickets!"
"We've had the software for 14 years.
I wouldn't even THINK of trying to do our
Paperwork without it!"